1.  I will consider my feelings. If I cannot feel my feelings, I will write about it until I can figure out what’s going on, or until my hands lock. Whatever comes first.
  2. I will make me time. I will not always expect other people to be there, on demand, to fill the gaps of my life.
  3. I will work at making my alone time restful, enjoyable, and rewarding.
  4. I will not go out and try to get to know people in only a romantic/sexual context. I will not eroticize their person until their sexuality in terms of my pleasure is the only thing I desire, and wish to learn nothing else. I will see people as whole.
  5. I will dress how I want, and work on not letting my thoughts of how people perceive my gender, sexuality, or beauty affect this.
  6. I will not try and control the life of another. I will try to be a support, I will try to give advice if asked, I will try to be a friend, but I will not try to control another autonomous beings’ decisions from afar using coercion, guilt, or any other form of manipulation.
  7. I will stand up for myself when I am criticized, because I am a smart, friendly, compassionate, hot bitch. However, I will not always ignore criticisms, because I make mistakes and criticism can help me recognize that, and I will learn and grow from it.
  8. I will be accountable for my words and my actions. I will try to think about what I say before I say it, and what I do before I do it.
  9. I will be accountable to myself, yet still kind. I will kick my ass into shape when I need to, then congratulate and rest when it is time.
  10. I will take the time to care for myself. I will constantly relearn how to care for myself, because I am always changing, and that is okay.
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